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Back Like I Never Left Music Video Out Now!

Link here—>

Back Like I Never Left ft. Sir Issac

Shot by: artbyart_visuals


This was a fun record to make, everything came together perfectly without rushing anything. It’s a song about what my life has been like, during the time I had to leave Chicago during the peak of my career and that didn’t sit with me so well. That whole summer I just took off posting music and just got back to my friends and family. Before I knew it I was back in Chicago ready to show the city I’m eager to get back on my grind and working on my music again. The addition to Sir Isaac came as natural as possible, being and old friend from the music scene in my hometown of Joliet,Illinois I respected his grind and hustle so much Id figure why not have someone else on the track who can express the same message as well me in their own person style. Overall one of my favorite tracks on the project!

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