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New Limited Merch Available! (SOLD OUT) Online Store Now Open!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Me and my roommate made some “The Homie Q” shirts. The plan was to get on here and promote them so I could sell them on here, but my friends and family are so amazing they cleaned out 20 tshirts all before I could even announce it. With that being said I do have a few left in size S,M,L im also willing to take pre orders so I can get the size that’s just right for you, I’m down to mail them or drive local. They are 25$ all online payments accepted and comes with a THQ sticker pack and also a Coffee and Cigarettes 2 poster! Thanks to everyone who’s purchased and best believe i will be dong another round of these and also more merch designs! ❤️

more available @

🌟Merch tab newly added to website🌟




New song coming at the end of month!

*Big hint*

It’s “Marvels Avengers” related 😏

Till then ✌🏾

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