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The Accident Prone Ep announcement!

I’m beyond happy to announce that the “Accident Prone Ep” will be my latest studio project. It’s my most ambitious project yet and I can’t wait to show you all what’s new. I’ve changed a lot since C&C2; personally and as a artist and I feel like my growth shows a lot on the project. It’s a fun record about me coming to earth and dealing with finding out what love is and maintaining it, but I’m so accident prone something bad is bound to happen while I’m there! The genres I’ve used have all blended together for a hyperpop/rap-hip hop/punk fest thats going to make you wanna dance song along from beginning to end! Also it’s Engineered by Chicago’s very own Gridlock Andy; he’s coming along for producing his 3rd THQ track and I could t be more happy! Well that’s all I can say for now so till then ✌🏾

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